Project Background


The Anglophone crisis and COVID-19 pandemic have greatly affected cultural heritage protection/ promotion and halted cultural experessions as many communities are either displaced or no more able to assemble for socio cultural manifestations. This equally has a strong negative impact on the intangible cultural heritage as well as income generating activities through cultural tourism.

Fortunately in the heart of this, Prince Claus Fund in the context of its Cultural Emergency Response Programme and the Gerda Henkel Foundation in the context of its Funding Initiative Patrimonies launched a call for proposal worldwide on Ememrgency Preparedness for Cultural Heritage under Threat in 2020, our organisation, the Organisation for Community Tourism and Nature Protection (OCOTONAP) which is the frontline NGO in conservation and cultural heritage protection in Cameroon submitted an application for the Mankon Royal Palace Heritage Site and the Museum and was selected for funding. The project entails carrying out nine main activities which include;

Heritage site preparation

Purchase and installation of fire extinguishers

Training on security and disaster management

Fortification of stone wall

Mobilisation and sensitisation
meeting with all project stakeholders


Construction at the museum

Objectives of the workshop

To train and build capacities of the above targeted local population to enable them contribute towards ensuring the protection of the museum and the Palace cultural heritage site under threat. This in effect is seeking at engaging the communities in enhancing the protection and preservation of the cultural heritage. The workshop is therefore designed with a view to directly contribute to prepare the local community to adopt or operationalise a security plan for the Mankon heritage site thereby contributing towards ensuring the protection of the museum collections and Palace, through the provision of capacity building for preventive conservation and implementation of emergency contingency plan for the entire heritage site. The workshop will also contribute to raising community awareness on cultural heritage protection.


Aside from the theoritical presentations on the different themes of the program, there is going to be practical sessions to shade more light on the theoritical knowledge that will be shared. The combination of the theoritical and the practical knowledge acquired by the participants will definitely serve as an improvement in the state of protection and conservation of the Mankon Palace Heritage site and museum in times of crisis. The workshop will be highly interactive with the use of the combination of the English and Mankon language alongside Pidgin English for instructions.

Expected Outcome of the workshop

The state of conservation in the Mankon Royal Palace and Museum are monitored by the community and risk and threat management are available in case of attack or disaster. Follow the google drive to view the museum artifatcs and their details.