ABOUT MANKON : Introduction

Mankon is a prominent first class Fondom ( Kingdom) strategically located at the heart of Bamenda City Council in Mezam Division, North West Region of Cameroon.
Situated about 1000 metres above sea level with an estimated surface area of 315 square kilometres and a population of about 250.000 inhabitants, this fondom is bounded in the North by Bafut, East by Bamendankwe and Nkwen, West by Ngymbu, Meta and Bali and South by Mbatu and Nsongwa fondoms.

Mankon has two main seasons. That is, the dry season that runs from mid October to mid March and the rainy season which then covers the rest of the year. Fresh temperatures of about 21oc on the average mark these seasons. While English is the main official language of communication, French ( as one of the two official languages in the country) is also spoken.

Pidgin English is the lingua franca and is widely spoken alongside the Mankon language. The fondom is endow with tremendous tourism potentials and has rightly been described as a microcosm of Grassfield culture. The Mankon Royal Palace is one of Cameroon's major attractions and an important centre of traditional African art. It is indeed the epicentre of all expressions of the art and culture of the people. The palace has gained fame through the hosting of grandiose cultural events as well as fascinating traditional performances and festivals like the famous Abeug-afo now transformed to the all embracing biennial Mankon Grand Cultural Festival ( MBOMALA ). Mankon Palace also hosts a unique and venerated age-old traditional architecture, ATSUM, a large sacred palace temple and the monumental Mankon Museum ( see website: www.

Adjacent the palace is the Mankon Sacred Forest, the largest and well conserved sacred forest in the region with over 123 identified interesting bird species. It is a seductive ecotourism destination. Also of great tourist interest is the Alankie Hentage Site, the old palatial capital of Mankon with amazing tombs and shrines of 7 Fos ( kings ) and a palatial rest house.

All these blend with the beautiful landscape embellished by enticing vegetation to make Mankon a veritable tourist destination. The above is complemented with imposing and superb hotels in Mankon Town, restaurants, snacks, numerous transport agencies, good communication network, health facilities and above all, a generally friendly, hospitable and law- abiding population.
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