ABOUT MANKON : Food and Etiquette

Mankon population is basically self-sufficient in food and drinks. Meals consist of cooked cereal or root staple accompanied by sauce or stew. Dishes like achu with “ yellow” or “ black” soup, water fufu and eru, porridge plantains, cornfufu, cornchaff, rice and garri are a delicacy. These dishes alongside other African and European dishes are served in restaurants. The fondom is rich in fruits such as pawpaw, bananas avocado pears, mangoes, pineapples and vegetables. A local drink, raffia wine as well as bottled carbonated drinks, beer and wine are readily available and heavily consumed during the visit of an honoured quest, a wedding, funeral, festivals or other celebrations. Sharing of food and drinks are some of the major ways to cement social relationships and express the high value on human company in this community.
Verbal greetings and handshakes are important part of daily etiquette, epitomizing hospitality and trust. Mindful of the fact that Mankon has a hierarchically organised culture, there is much protocol regarding speaking and seating during an audience with the Fo ( king ), the venerated traditional authority of the fondom. Much respect is also accorded to elders, clan, lineage heads and notables. .

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